The GROW-Plats provides stakeholder government’s owned intelligent and crucial information on mineral resources development potential, opportunities and best practices. With its ASK feature the GROW-Plats is a knowledge social network where stakeholder governments can ask for free advice from vetted experts of international reputation on their specialist area of expertise.

The GROW-Plats through its government stakeholder philosophy is a global government platform for exchange of opportunities and knowledge for mutually beneficial mineral resources development in the world society. The ASK platform contains [over 1 million] signed up experts and growing in number and a variety of disciplines, available to offer free written advisory opinion to stakeholder governments on a range of technical questions requiring specialist opinion on mineral resources development, covering legal, taxation, and contractual, and policy subject matters.

GROW-Plats is a leading global and single platform for governments of mineral rich countries with the main focus being to maximise global benefits from mineral resources development for the mutual benefit of the global society.


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