Overview of Mineral Exploration in Liberia


  • Alluvial diamonds mined widely in Northern and Western Liberia
  • Highly prospective Archaean craton
  • Kimberlite dykes and pipes suggest primary source
  • Recent discovery of cluster of diamondiferous pipes at Weasua


  • Overwhelming prospectivity for major gold deposits
  • Strong E-W and WNW shear zones associated with greenstone
  • Widespread occurrence of gold workings in all provinces
  • Part of the west African gold fields which hosts Sangura mine (Guinea), Ity mine (Ivory Coast), Syama mine (Mali), etc.

Iron Ore

  • Widespread occurrences
  • 1951-1985 > 613 Mt of ore mined
  • Estimated > 3,443 Mt reserves
  • Liberia was #1 producer in Africa

Major deposits

  1. Bea Mt.
  2. Bong Mines
  3. Goe Fantro
  4. Kongo (NIOC)
  5. Putu
  6. Wologisi (largest)
  7. Nimba Range

Heavy mineral beach sand deposits containing ilmenite, rutile, zircon and thorium are present in coastal zones along a 300 mile NW-SW coastal stretch as raised beaches up to 20ft high. Bauxite: bauxite occurs in the North and Southeastern parts of the Country. Detailed exploration work needs to be carried out to ascertain the total reserves.

Barite: preliminary reserves estimate of 19 veins by Dresser Minerals in 1970 gives a total of 553,150 tons of barite to a depth of 500ft with in the Gibi. Further exploration could expand this. Phosphate: Bambuta phosphate deposit is located in the Clay district in Western Liberia, it has been proven to have high grade phosphate mineralization

Manganese: The Mount Dorthrow Manganese deposit is located in Grand Gedeh county, Eastern Liberia. Commercial grade has not yet been established.

Kyanite: prospecting and exploration activities have revealed reserves up to 10 million tons of Kyanite bearing rock containing approximately 2.5 Mt in Mt. Montro in Grand Bassa county. Hydrocarbon potential: Information gathered from regional geological and geophysical data revealed that the continental shelf of Liberia can be rated as having fair to good hydrocarbon potential. According to latest NPV studies, Liberia's best potential for petroleum accumulation lies within deep waters.